Microtinic® B12 is a rumen-protected microencapsulated form of Vitamin B12 for high yielding dairy cows and ruminants.


Vitamin B12 plays a key role in many metabolic pathways (trans-methylation, gluconeogenesis, beta-oxidation of fatty acids) involved in energy and protein metabolism of the transition dairy cow.

Vitamin B12 in Microtinic® B12 is microencapsulated in a lipid matrix in order to by-pass the rumen and be highly available at the intestinal level.
Once in the intestine, the lipases start to digest the lipid matrix, releasing vitamin B12 and making it available for absorption. Vetagro’s technology assures that vitamin B12 is absorbed within the small intestine due to the tailored particle size.
The protection of Microtinic® B12 is adapted to the digestive transit time of ruminants.